Mementos is returning in September 2021 with new episodes. In this update, you’ll hear a clip of the first episode that will drop just after Labor Day. Subscribe now or set a reminder to check the week of Labor Day. 

Episode Title: Coming Back in September!

Date published: 7/25/21


Hey there, I’m Lori Mortimer, the host and producer of Mementos. After a brief hiatus – brief being defined as, say, 23 months (it sounds shorter if you say it in months) – Mementos is coming back this September with brand new episodes. 

Here’s the opening to the first episode you’ll hear this fall. It drops in September, just after Labor Day. 


About a year ago, I’m moving to New York, and I want something of my grandfather’s. Like, I need to have something other than just a picture to remember him by.

And I go back to my childhood home. My mom and my grandmother still lived there, and they had really cleaned out a good portion of his stuff at that point. And mind you, he’s passed for about seven, eight years at this point. 

And so I’m looking in the closets, and I’m looking past this plastic bag with like this gray thing in it. And I’m thinking, Oh, it’s just some like, I don’t know, like rain jacket. Like, like, let me find something, you know, more of substance.

And I keep passing it. I’m pushing the bag to the left and to the right and just looking around it. As soon as I’m about to leave, I think, Okay, let me go look one more time. And for whatever reason, I don’t know if it was God or the universe or what, but something told me to open up that plastic bag.

And I just thought, like, this is worth a million dollars. I couldn’t have found anything better than this.


What did Crystal find in the closet? I dunno. You’ll just have wait until September to find out. 

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Mementos audio logo is by Martin Austwick. And the song today was by Blue Dot Sessions. Thank you both. 

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