New Episodes

Here are the latest Mementos episodes. 

Liz’s Nonni

Liz Sumner and her husband wanted to move to Italy, but they had no family there and no Italian heritage, so...

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Jeff’s Rum Bottle

Jeff keeps an empty rum bottle from the day of his best friend's funeral 20 years ago. The bottle is a...

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Jared’s Flock

Jared meets his match in an aggressive little Senegal parrot named Cricket, who ultimately charms Jared and changes his life for...

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Crystal’s Hymn

Crystal Chandler finds the perfect memento of her grandfather, a former Seventh Day Adventist preacher, to bring with her when she...

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Coming back in September!

Mementos is coming back! New episodes start dropping this September, just after Labor Day (2021). pctkft7b

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Cherie’s Letters

Cherie inherits a stack of 33 letters, written by her grandfather, who died during the Korean War, and who Cherie's family...

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Show Host

Lori Mortimer

I'm is the creator, host, and producer of Mementos. In late 2017, with no previous experience in audio-making or storytelling, I simply decided it would be a good idea to start a podcast. Then I learned how hard it was. Since then, I've studied the art and craft of podcasting, audio editing, interviewing, nonfiction storytelling, sound design, and podcast marketing. Through more classes and workshops than I can count, and the support found in online and in-person audio communities, I've stitched together the basic set of skills needed to get a show off the ground. It's taken a village to get me to the point where I consider myself a creator and podcaster. It's been a life-changing and affirming experience for me, which I am thankful to have had the privilege of experiencing.

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