Coming back in September!

Mementos is coming back! New episodes start dropping this September, just after Labor Day (2021). pctkft7b

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Cherie’s Letters

Cherie inherits a stack of 33 letters, written by her grandfather, who died during the Korean War, and who Cherie's family never talked...

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Bonus: Ruth’s poem “Halloween”

Here's a treat for Halloween! My guest Bréjean reads her grandmother Ruth's poem, "Halloween," written in 1932, when Ruth was 11 years old.

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1.2 A T-Shirt Hug from Dad

Interdisciplinary artist Karen Krolak tells us about the t-shirt she hand-stitched for her father and why it's so important that she hold on...

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1.1 Whose Memento Is It?

Host Lori Mortimer tells the origin story of Mementos podcast. It's a story about a mother, a daughter, and a surprising object that...

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0.0 Welcome to Mementos

An introduction to Mementos and the stories and voices you'll hear in Season 1. Welcome to Mementos, a podcast about the stories behind...

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